People have put on their Sun-Glasses since 16th November 2002

“We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep…”

This site is dedicated to John Carpenter’s 1988 classic Movie ‘They Live’,
Roddy Piper
and to Bill Hicks

“Everything makes sense if you just put on the right glasses…”

“Bill’s favourite movie” – Kevin Booth (2002)


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“MP3 – ‘Paranoia?’ – or – ‘Have it your way’?”

Roddy: “Look Lady, we’re in trouble. The whole world’s in trouble, they’re all around us and we never knew it. You can only the seem them with these special glasses… I swear to you we’re being controlled by these things, I don’t know what they are… or where they came from, but we gotta stop them!”
Lady: “All right… I’ll do what ever you want, whenever you want, just don’t hurt me… please…”
Roddy: “Listen to what I’m saying to ya”
Lady: “Ok, you’re fighting the forces of evil? … that none of us can see without sunglasses?”
Roddy: “take a look…”
Lady: “If you want me to look through your sunglasses, and I don’t see what you see, I’m gonna ‘see’ it anyway…”
Roddy: “Yeah, you have it your way, huh?”

p.s. “don’t wear them glasses too long!” MP3 audio

Roddy: “Don’t wear them glasses too long… it starts to feel like a knife turning in your skull…”
Keith: “How long have they been there?”
Roddy: “Who knows?”
Keith: “what are they? Where did they come from?”
Roddy: “Well, they ain’t from Cleveland…”
Keith: “Look man, I don’t need that kind of shit!… What are we gonna do?”
Roddy: “We’re gonna wait…”
Keith: “Wait… wait for what? … You haven’t even answered my question!”
Roddy: “Well, when YOU get some kind of masterplan… YOU let me know … Aaa!?”


Wake Up!